Barre Fitness!  a low-impact, energizing, and effective workout that fuses yoga, pilates & dance for just about anyone.  

Develop long, lean muscles without bulk.  Enhance flexibility and improve balance.  Many say that after only five classes, you’ll see changes in your body, gain strength, and tone those hard-to-target muscles in your core, arms, and legs. And the best part: Anyone—no matter their age, weight, or fitness level—can get results. With claims like these, who wouldn’t want to plié their way to a stronger body?

Mondays  5-6pm at the Northern Lakes College

Half Hour HIIT!

Exactly what it states- High Intensity Interval Training!

Get your Cardio on in this half hour class dedicated to high calorie burn with maximum energy!

Modifications available for all levels!

Monday and Wednesday 10am

Monday 7:30-8pm and Wednesday 7-7:30pm

at the Northern Lakes College

Saturday Morning Classes! 

These classes will be trainer’s choice!  Tone and Burn, Cardio, Bootcamp style, Circuits… and more!

9:30-10:30am at the Northern Lakes College

Tuesday and Thursday’s Tone and Burn with Melonie Benoit! 

Get ready to work as Mel takes you through this 12 week session building muscle endurance and muscle strength in this high calorie burn-low impact class!  Melanie will push your muscles to the limits with her endurance style classes!  You are sure to get your sweat on in this class!

5-6pm at the Northern Lakes College

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday Morning Madness with Cindy Williams!  We will be engaging full body exercises in this Bootcamp Style class focusing on cardiovascular exercises, and endurance!  

6-7am at the Northern Lakes College Gym

Tuesday and Friday Noon Fitness with Tasha and Cindy!  Work with the best during these high calorie burn HIIT and Core workouts.  20 minutes High Intensity Interval Training followed by 15 minutes of Core.

12:10pm-12:50pm at the Northern Lakes College!  Staff and students of the College are FREE!

90 minute Extreme Class with Tasha and Cindy!  This class is not for beginners!  We push the limits of your mind and body in an hour and a half of full body- full modification Bootcamp Style class!

6-7:15pm Mondays and 5:30-7pm Wednesdays at the Northern Lakes College

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*if paying by cash or check on first day of classes, please email us to let us know so we can secure your seat: cindy@cwilliamsbodysculpt.ca.


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